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Métodos de Resolução de Problemas Matemáticos

SnapXam's AI-powered math solver allows you to solve complex math problems, with detailed step-by-step explanations. Some math problems can be solved using multiple methods (including your teacher's method ;) ).

For these problems, we allow you to choose your preferred solving method. We understand that solving a math problem using the right method is almost as important as getting the answer right. This is especially important when learning new concepts, as the same answer to a problem can be arrived by using different methods or techniques.

In this article, we present the different solving methods that our math solver currently support.


Supported solving methods for algebra problems include: Product of Binomials with Common Term, FOIL method.


1. Product of two binomials:


2. Product of two binomials:


Trigonometric Identities

Supported solving methods for trigonometric identities include: Prove from LHS, Prove from RHS, Express everything into Sine and Cosine.


1. Prove the identity:


2. Prove the identity:



Supported solving methods for limits include: Limits by factoring, Limits by rationalization, Limits by L'Hôpital's rule.


1. Find the following limit:


2. Find the following limit:


Differential Calculus

Supported solving methods for derivatives include: Basic differentiation rules, Logarithmic Differentiation. Logarithmic Differentiation is especially useful when the function we want to differentiate is kind of complex since we can simplify it beforehand using logarithmic properties.


1. Find the derivative:


2. Find the derivative:


3. Find the derivative:


Integral Calculus

Supported solving methods for integrals include: Integration by u-substitution, Integration by Parts, Tabular Integration, Integration by Partial Fraction Expansion, Integration by Trigonometric Substitution, Weierstrass Substitution.


1. Solve the following integral:


2. Solve the following integral:


3. Solve the following integral:

$\int x^2sin\left(x\right)dx$

Do you have a solving method in mind that you would like us to add?

We constantly add more solving methods for math problems.
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